Other Clubs

Wood Carvers Clubs in Arizona


Western Whittlers

The Western Whittlers are a carving group that meets on Wednesdays & Saturdays between 8am – 12pm [No Fees] at Woodworkers Source located at 3441 S. Palo Verde, Tucson, AZ.

Contact is Jim Thompson


Saddlebrooke Woodcarver’s Club

This club meets on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. They meet in the Turquoise Room at Mountain View Country Club Arts & Crafts Center at Saddlebrooke Tucson, AZ. Members must be residents of Saddlebrooke Resort Community. Guests are welcome.

Contact is Mark Erickson


Green Valley Woodcarvers

This club meets Monday mornings 8:30-11:00am at Friends-In-Deed 301 w. Casa Verde, Green Valley, AZ

Contact is Donald Moberg


Chip in Timers

This club meets Monday mornings 9:30am – 12 noon at Woodcraft 6230 N. Orcle Rd. #H100, Tucson, AZ.

No known contact. Please contact store for more information.





Jeff Kuchlak
Arizona Woodturners Assoc.
5646 E. Inglewood
Mesa, AZ 85205
Phone: 602.396.2006


John Peterson
Grand Canyon State Woodcarvers
P.O. Box 9112
Scottsdale, AZ 85252-9112
Phone: 602.471.7231

Gary McCaslin
Arizona Assoc. Of Fine Woodworkers
P.O. Box 44264
Phoenix, AZ 85064-4262
Phone: 602.998.8889

Ralph Parkinson
Harrison Woodworkers Club
P.O. Box 1093
Harrison, AZ 72602-1093
Phone: 501.741.6674