Janurary 2024

Thank you Trice for the egg carving class. Here is your Newsletter.



Feburary 2024

Thank you Paul for the class on bark carving a face. Here is your Newsletter.


March 2023

Thank you Jeff for the Santa in a chimney class. Here is your newsletter for March.


April 2023

Thank you Rob for teaching the class on carving a feather. Here is your  business meeting minutes.


20230513_Karen Berg

May 2023

Thank you Jo for the chip carving class. Here is your meeting minutes

17--Puff the Magic Dragon by Trish Jennings

June 2023

Thank you Gene for the flower carving class. Here is your meeting minutes

show and tell

July 2023

Its here, its here. Hot off the press the carving meeting newsletter.

August 2023

Thank you everyone for coming out for our summer meeting. Trying a new format for the newsletter. Here is the  carving meeting newsletter.


September 2023

Ramping up on some events coming shortly. Time flies when your not watching. Here is your newsletter.  


October 2023

HAPPY CREATION MONTH CARVERS. Thats right, its been 40 years. Keep those chips dropping. Here is your newsletter.


November 2023

Super raffle ticket was drawn. Newsletter has the winner. get those carvings ready for the Christmas party carving swap. Here is your newsletter.   

Paul Kailson-1a-- (3)

December 2022

End of another year