Chip carving lesson by Gary Mims

Gary taught this lesson at our September meeting. Lots of applications for this one.

Pliers from a Single Piece of Wood

Chuck Trinko presented a seminar at the January, 2013 meeting about carving a pair of pliers from a single piece of wood. Chuck's class was very well received with several of the members attending. The attachment is a copy of the plans that Chuck used.






Three Sided Chip

 Lesson 1 in chip carving from Gary Mims!

Border and Pattern

Lesson 2 in the Chip carving series from Gary Mims.

Basket Weave

Lesson 4 in the Chip carving series from Gary Mims.

Corner Medallion

Gary Mims gives us lesson 5 in his chip carving series.


Lesson 6 in Gary Mims chip carving series

Tool Source for Beginners

This tip is from Rob Sorenson


Buffalo Plaque with Border

Lesson 8 in the chip carving  series from Gary Mims

Carving Shapes

I found this from our previous website. Found it interesting.